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Цифровое бессмертие

Page history last edited by Danila Medvedev 12 years, 7 months ago

Info-Resurrection by David Ish-Shalom





.. Bainbridge in his gloomy but bright lecture today in Transvisiono6

raised the issue of personality capture, in his own words: "record an

individual's personality and genetic code, send them to distant planet

and reconstitute the person there to begin a new life" and he

continues: conducting a research and practical work on personality

capture modules. a center for personality enhancement could flourish

giving a service to capture, archive and computer-emulate clients

and Bainbridge continue: "archive personalities, transfer them to

computers, robots, and information systems and I find that rather than

speculating or dwelling on developing philosophical ideas about it, I

rather be practical, start where the already social sciences ..know

how to measure aspects of personality and continue from there. I

really pride myself that I may be the first human being who ever

answered 100000 questions questioner as part of trying it on myself"

so far Bainbridge's words.

lately I have posted to WTA-talk an article named

"Info-resurrection" a way for your personal survival besides cryonic

preservation. it started a thread in WTA-talk and I thank the many

participants. See also http://groups.yahoo.com/group/inforesurrection/

I was much surprised to learn today in Transvision06 that the

prominent Dr Bainbridge is not only supporting identical method to

info-resurrection and personality capture, named "Self - Explore The

Final Frontier - Yourself" http://mysite.verizon.net/wsbainbridge/

see personality capture link there, but has gone a long way to

practically develop such a method of capturing and storing the

identity critical information for future reanimation. These days I am

working on revised and longer edition of this work, I want to stress

that in front of the existential risks awaiting in the next 20 years

or so, and being unable to tell if cryonic preservation will really

work, it may be a great mistake to overlook the opportunities to our

survival safely to the transhumanist future that a method like

Bainbridge's "Self - Explore The Final Frontier – Yourself" or the

much similar "info-resurrection" can truly hold.

I define info-resurrection as: capturing your critical identity

information, including your personal genotype {your DNA} thus for

future converging technologies to be able to reconstitute your

personality either as a clone of yours containing also your life

experience and self identity, or in purer information technology -

your conscious artificial personal intelligence, android robot of

yours, etc, to the effect of your survival. I know it still sounds

weird even to most of you innovative transhumanists, but today I have

learnt that at least two people are investing in that method as a

personal survival option, the first one is Bainbridge and hopefully

many more in the future.

All the best – David Ish Shalom



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