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Это вообще-то очень важная тема. По ней обязательно должна быть хорошая статья...


Consider these words by Eliezer from his article – written when he was 16:


“It began four million years ago, when brain volumes began climbing rapidly in the hominid line.

Fifty thousand years ago with the rise of Homo sapiens sapiens.

Ten thousand years ago with the invention of civilization.

Five hundred years ago with the invention of the printing press.

Fifty years ago with the invention of the computer.

In less than thirty years, it will end.”


Singularity – the most reasonable scenario so far. In a nutshell: Nanotech + AI = Singularity

Rationally understood, emotionally alien:

“A worldwide, distributed reasoning system in which there are billions of nodes, many of superhuman power. Some will have knowable identity -- say the ones that are currently separated by low bandwidth links from the rest -- but these separations are constantly changing, as are the identities themselves.”



Вертикаль (Снукса-)Панова - другое название сингулярности? Вообще сам Панов пишет чушь




Каково реально человеку жить в эпоху усколярющегося прогресса, когда все быстрее все появляется. роботы, вр и т. п. и все входит в твою жизнь?...




Мысли и дискуссии




This came out of a schmooze session at the Foresight Conference. Contributors included Greg Burch and Robert J. Bradbury.


The Seven Signs of the Singularity:


  1. You refinance your house and it's a thirty-second mortgage.
  2. The Nasdaq moves to scientific notation.
  3. The ads on TV are weirder than your hallucinations.
  4. You have to buy a new computer each week... and it arrives with the groceries.
  5. The Luddites are building their own Dyson sphere.
  6. Your AI sex doll asks you to use a condom. (*)
  7. Your toaster has its own Internet startup.



5 Meanings of the Word “Singularity”


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