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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 3 months ago

So most of the myths about Prometheans and techno-empowerment are negative:


- Gilgamesh abandons the quest for eternal youth

- Prometheus is punished for giving man fire

- Adam and Eve are punished for wanting knowledge

- the Tower of Babel is cast down and humanity splintered

- Icarus falls to his death

- Dr. Frankenstein is hounded, not celebrated, for conquering death

- anyone who wants radical life extension is evil and mindless

(vampires, Dorian Gray, etc.)

- all techno-transcendence ends badly (Terminator, Lawnmower Man, etc.)

- all non-human intelligence wants to be human (Data on ST:NG, Little

Mermaid, etc.)

- a society with no war, safe & free drugs, and guiltless sex makes you

want to kill yourself (Brave New World, etc.)


:-( :-( :-(

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