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Магнус Вюрцер - основатель и бессменный организатор (с 1999 года) философско-художественного фестиваля "Робоэкзотика", духовный последователь Тимоти Лири, принявший за аксиому - "Великое Будущее Технологии уже наступило. Так давайте же получать удовольствие!"



Get this:


Glad you asked, as I have recently been revisiting some 70s stuff by Robert Calvert. Check him out, among his solo albums "Test Tube Conceived" is the most pronouncedly transhumanistic. Among his work with Hawkwind "Spirit of the Age" does stand out, as do things like "Psi Power" (recorded by Hawklords, a transitional incarnation of Hawkwind).


Mind you, the anticipation of these technologies in his treatment is not implying naive optimism, but their inevitability is clear.


As you are writing a book I assume your budget will allow to purchase the music. If not, I can

help with providing the lyrics for your assessments.


Another source for me is the work of Paul Kantner. The tune called "Crown of Creation",

recorded by Jefferson Airplane in 1968 or so, has to me always been a transhumanist anthem (as I

have stated on this list before). Besides his musical output he's also written a couple of

books, one on his experience in post-revolution Nicaragua, another, more relevant, is an SF tome

called PERRO (Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra), which incorporates many of the ideas spread

throughout the songs he recorded with Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship and under his own

name in conjunction with others like Grace Slick and David Freiberg.



That being said, in 1999 an Alternative-Pop band called "Our Lady Peace" released an album called

"Spiritual Machines".

It was inspired by Kurzweil's book. The lyrics of the tracks "In Repair", and "The Wonderful

(or beautiful) Future" are loaded with H+ references.




Общая статья про то, что такое Ultrafuturo. А потом отдельно дать их "программную статью", а потом про последнюю выставку.






выставка в 2005 году в Москве





фотки, в т. ч. с выставки 2006 года




Тема Наше искусство в форуме РТД.

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