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Дорожная карта

Page history last edited by Danila Medvedev 10 years, 10 months ago

Готовые дорожные карты

Brain emulation roadmap


Metaverse roadmap



Robotics Roadmap



Nanotech "roadmap" (Foresight)



Черновые дорожные карты и идеи 


AGI Roadmap


At the AGI-09 post-conference workshop’s Roadmap Panel, Itamar Arel of the University of Tennessee announced the founding of a wiki at agi-roadmap.org that will serve as a supplement to the creation of an AGI Roadmap. Taking as examples several previous, related technology projects, J. Storrs Hall made mention of work conducted by the Foresight Institute on the Technology Roadmap for Productive Nanosystems and Ben Goertzel discussed his participation in the writing of the Metaverse Roadmap.



Humanity+ Summit (Dec 2009): Ben Goertzel gave a review of his proposed roadmap to human level Artificial General Intelligence.



Transhuman upgrade

I have a particular interest in this topic, and intend to pull together a number of ideas and strategies, to create a kind of 'transhuman upgrade roadmap'. This is an ongoing project, and I'd like to ask anyone that has an interest and would like to contribute, to contact me ( benc@delysid.bltc.net ). Source


Space roadmap



Life extension roadmap

http://www.imminst.org/forum/Life-Extension-Roadmap-under-process-t19824.html - People & Organisations are invited to create a roadmap in life extension


Дорожная карта по ликвидации старения

Будет разрабатываться проектом Science vs. Aging


SENS roadmap

not in development (by Aubrey)


MNT roadmap

in development (by Freitas)


Transhumanist Technical Roadmap



Неуничтожимость человечества



Feynman Path Roadmap



Virtual World Roadmap



Enabling regeneration in humans roadmap 



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